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Over two decades of cleanroom garment laundered experiences

Management System

Longtek has been certified with ISO9001, Business Excellence Level. Based on the foundation of these achievements, we have built up a complete process flow and integration of service.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001

Hardware management

With optimized cleanroom environment control, procedures, equipment and semiconductor-level ultrapure water system Longtek is able to provide absolute, superb quality service to our clients. The whole laundry is processed in our exclusively designed cleaning and drying equipment under extremely strict monitoring with IES standard.

  • Cleanroom


    Longtek has built ISO Class 1 cleanroom that meet higher standards than FED209E. Simultanenously, we also have Class 3 and Class 4 cleanrooms to meet various request from our clients.
  • Washer

    Cleanroom Laundry Machine

    Longtek has the highest individual cleaning capacity and is able to provide remarkably efficient and professional cleaning services.
  • Washer

    DI Water System

    The water purification system of Longtek is able to stably produce 18MΩ ultrapure water and meet the ion testing standards set by clients in the high tech industry.
  • Testing Equipment

    Test Equipment

    Helmke Drum particle test is based on IES-RP-CC-003-87-T standard and TQM program provide clients with reliable, online-traceable test result logs.

Software control and customized service

We provide our customers a wide diversity of pre- and post-cleaning services.

  • Borcode System

    Barcode System

    We apply the barcode system to assist our clients to manage the service life and other requirements for their cleanroom garments. 
  • Other Requirements

    Customized Service

    We continued to search new solutions to reach clients' need of all kinds of cleaning services, such as customized additional producing and mending, emergency requirement,  packing/shelving and more.
  • Consulting Service

    Consultation Service

    We are glad and confidently to provide various professional consultation and advice services regarding to any cleanroom operation.

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