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Ultra-Clean Cleanroom laundry service is not just normal laundry service

Our Ultra-Clean Cleanroom laundry service is not just normal laundry service. Longtek group has built over 885 m2 ISO Class 1 and ISO 5 cleanroom which on 1.8m height floor. Moreover, our laundry facilities with ISO Class 1 designed for cleanroom garments laundry needs. Overall, the average capacity over 350,000 jumpsuits per month and 15 million pieces wipers, the capacity is expandable in practice. 

    DI Water System

    As a professional cleanroom garment laundry/wiper manufacturer, we provide excellent water purification system, TOC and particle monitoring system to ensure every water resource applied in production is under controlled and qualified. 

      Quality Control

      Regarding to IES-RP-CC003.3 standard, Longtek has inspection equipments such as Air Particle Counter, Helmke Drum, JIS Drum, Liquid Particle Counter, ESD test machine and Fiber Counter...etc. This allows Longtek to guarantee our customers with intact quality control and critical inspection on every products we provide to you.


        We are proud of our own production line. Longtek provide a consistent production process from fabric knitting to the final ultra clean laundry process ,which allow us to provide customised service and solutions to our customers immediately.